Dollar Dismay, Geopolitical Tension, and More! 31 Critical News Stories In Just 7 Days

Apr 2, 2023 | News

There has been more bad news for the dollar in the past week than there has been in the three years since the start of the Covid plandemic. The world’s monetary system is gradually but steadily moving away from a dollar-based order. All this pessimism about the dollar has coincided with a buildup in the way narrative as NATO, Russia, and North Korea get ready for an impending showdown.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything important that happened in the past week. That next week will be equally hectic is good news.

1) Saudi Arabia joins a trade group with China, Russia, India, Pakistan, and four countries in Central Asia to become less dependent on the US dollar.

2) China and France trade their first LNG gas using Chinese Yuan. This means that they no longer need the US dollar to trade energy.

3) China and Brazil will no longer use the US dollar to pay for trades. Instead, they will use their own currencies.

4) The Deputy Chairman of the State Duma says that Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (known as BRICS) are making a new currency.

5) Saudi Arabia and China are working together to build an oil refinery in China that will cost $12.2 billion and cost 83.7 billion yuan.

6) Kenya makes an agreement with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to buy oil with Kenyan shillings instead of US dollars.

7) Kenya’s president tells people to get rid of their US dollars.

8) The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is thinking about using local currencies instead of the US dollar, euro, yen, and British pound.

9) The president of El Salvador signs a bill that gets rid of all taxes on income, property, and capital gains for innovations in technology.

10) US Senator Elizabeth Warren starts a re-election campaign that is “anti-crypto.

11) The Commerce Secretary says that India will trade with some countries using Indian rupees instead of US dollars.

12) The Chinese yuan now has more foreign reserves than the euro, making it Brazil’s second-largest currency after the real.

13) This year, the US government will sell 41,500 Bitcoin worth $1.18 billion that are linked to Silk Road.

14) Hong Kong’s government will help #crypto firms with banking so that the city can become a hub for digital assets.

15) The US CFTC has filed a lawsuit against #Binance and its CEO for allegedly breaking rules.

16) Reuters says that the US Social Security fund will run out of money in 2033.

17) French police raided 5 major banks as part of a €100 billion fraud probe

18) Former President Trump says that President Biden is directly to blame for the bank failures and for making the economy worse and worse.

19) MicroStrategy buys another 6,455 Bitcoin, which costs $150 million.

20) President Biden says that the banking crisis is “not over yet.

21) Saudi Arabia agreed to become a partner in talks with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. A security group led by China.

22) We learned that the BRICS reserve currency could be backed by gold and other commodities, like rare-earth elements.

23) NATO will take Finland in for good

24) The Prime Minister of Hungary says that NATO is almost ready to decide whether or not to send peacekeeping troops to Ukraine.

25) North Korea said it will send 50,000 soldiers to Ukraine to fight alongside Russian soldiers.

26) Putin signed a law that will call up 147,000 troops over the next three months.

27) Satellite pictures show that the main nuclear site in North Korea is busier than before.

28) This past week, 126 billion less money was put into banks. Since the banking crisis began, 225 billion have been lost.

29) H5N1 bird flu has been found in the bodies of animals in California and Oregon.

30) This week, 33 tons of gold were taken out of the vaults at JP Morgan.

31) This week, the COMEX sold 4.8 million ounces of silver.

All of this has happened in just seven days.


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