19,000+ Hours in School and No Class about Money

Sep 15, 2022 | Financial Literacy, Uncategorized

school picThe day I began to rethink the dollar is when I realized that I had gone through almost twenty years of formal schooling and never had a single class about money. I can remember having work sheets to take home where I would count coins to get a total sum, but never actually told how coins came into existence. Looking back on the approximate 19,360 hours spent in a classroom environment and to think that not a single hour was dedicated to the practical uses and fundamentals of money is shocking.

How come everything in life involves money yet children aren’t taught anything about it? Is it a mistake in the primary schooling curriculum or is it something that parents are supposed to teach their kids at home? These are the questions I began to wonder as I graduated from college and started a family of my own. Then I realized that if these are questions that I have there might be other adults wondering the same thing. After all, if the subject of money isn’t taught in school then how will children learn about it?

The first piece of homework I gave myself was to figure out the approximate time spent in school. The number up above is just a rough estimate but very close if you spend the minimum 17 years in school (K thru 12= 12 years & then four years of college) on your way to a degree. If you do all the math of taking the primary school hours similar to a work week for adults (40 hrs) over 13 years you get 18,720 hours in school.

If you look at a full time college student as holding a part time job (minimum of 12 credit hours to be considered a full time student) that equates to class plus study time at around 20 hours a week. Since college has two semesters instead of an actual continuous school year there’s around a total of 8 months of class time. So for four years of school not factoring summer school you have roughly 640 hours spent in front of a professor.

So in 19,360 hours of being given general information about a variety of subjects from world history, math, reading, writing, P/E, etc., does it surprise you that you may not be able to recall a single hour devoted towards one of the most important subjects of your life? (Money)

The fact that you can go through so many years of schooling whether public or private and not get an actual education about money is reason enough to wonder. What is it about the subject that’s not being told to me and why is it not taught in schools? This is one reason you might want to begin asking yourself this question.

How come there’s no class subject on the monetary education?



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