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In this interview we discuss:
1. What comes to mind when he hears the words, “Rethinking the Dollar”?
2. Why is it important for viewers to learn about monetary and financial matters in today’s economy?
3. What would the Philip Kennedy Global State of the Economy entail and why?
4. How did his book, Financial Judo, come together and what are two financial nuggets he hopes to get across?
5. How does the U.S.A economy approaching $20 trillion in national debt impact future generations? How will it be repaid?
6. What are his thoughts on President Elect Trump spending plans and were will the money come from?
7. What are his long terms thoughts of the usage of the Federal Reserve Note as the reserve currency in the years ahead?

DISCLAIMER: The financial and political opinions expressed in this interview are those of the guest and not necessarily of “Rethinking the Dollar”. Opinions expressed in this video should not be relied upon for making investment decisions and do not constitute personalized investment advice. The information shared is for the sole purpose of education.